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About the Commission

The Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ), also known as the Office of the Ombudsman is an independent commission established by the Commission on Administrative Justice Act, 2011 pursuant to Article 59 (4) of the Constitution of Kenya.

The CAJ is mandated to address all forms of maladministration, promote good governance and efficient service delivery in the public sector by enforcing the right to fair administrative action. We investigate abuse of power, manifest injustice and unlawful, oppressive, unfair or unresponsive official conduct.

As our slogan goes, Hata Mnyonge ana Haki (the weak or disadvantaged have rights too).  The Swahili of old said “Mnyonge Hana Haki” (the weak or disadvantaged have no rights). It is not so under the Constitution of Kenya 2010. 

The citizen is sovereign, thus, “Hata Mnyonge ana Haki”.  The Commission on Administrative Justice (office of the Ombudsman) is the foremost Constitutional Commission whose primary function is to ensure public officers and public institutions respect sovereignty of the people of Kenya.